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L43cm H36cm W13cm



0.43 KG



Rubber Textured Textile          






A classy quilted tote bag with clean lines for ladies of all ages. It is also comfortable to carry because the foam used in quilting makes it feel comfy.


Our Quilting is hand sewn where every stitch is done with our full attention to ensure that our lightweight bags are comfortable to the user.


It will hold all your stuff safely because it has more pockets specially in the divisions in the center section of the bag.


The metal clasp in the opening keeps the bag secure and makes it easier to open and conveniently reach for your stuff inside the bag.

The lovely design and color would complement your clothing.


This bag is also good for outdoor activities because of its waterproof properties. It can hold a lot of stuff and its design and clasp makes it a unique and classy bag.


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