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Customized Bags from Favorite Prints

We have all experienced and like many cartoon characters. Everyone has a favorite. Our bags are all made so that children are happier and inspired to have it with different characters to suit their personality. 

Subalit may isang nangibabaw lumipas man ang panahon... Nakagisnan na lang natin  na ..halos lahat pala tau ay lubos ng humahanga dito. 

All ages from  baby girl at mging matatanda ....may isang natatanging favorito....sabi nga e...all time favorite! Marahil ito rin dahilan kaya more request and customized bag na gamitin namin ang cartoon character na to...

We are not focusing on just the prints but the design itself and the quality of our bags... to enjoy the bag not just the prints... 

For different sizes - we happily make their customized bags on request.

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