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Everything Has Own Speciality, Everyone Has Own Identity

There’s a saying that we are made for this earth equally, yet it's true when we observe our surroundings everything has its own and different characteristics. Both living and non living things. Even humans have their own speciality.

All things made so beautiful! This is the mindset of DonnaCerila Bags. We are not competing with anyone else’s bag brands, but we are Filipino branded bags, and this is why we do our best to make our bags different and special one.

We are glad that owners of our bags are happy and contented with their bags as their everyday buddies because of their daily activities.

All of our bags have full lining inside most specially ffor our backpacks. Clean stiching from outside to inside and well stitched zippers. Pockets are very usable and important which is why our side pockets come with adjustable straps for ease of use.

We also include secret zipper pockets inside the pockets. Most may look simple from the outside, but you will find our bags usable and comfortable.

We pay attention that all parts of the bags are finished carefully so that each bag is enjoyed. DonnaCerila will continue designing and making bags that keep bringing smiles to everyone.

Thanks for enjoying our creations.

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