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Why This Design is One of Our Most Requested

This sling design (also works as a crossbody) is the most requested. Customers keep asking us to make more of them.

We have upgraded its strap material, now using soft glossy cotton. More comfortable than before. We restyled its side pockets because stylish attractive pockets are a must, and our bag now has a total of 8 pockets.

The bag is light and with waterproof properties, from the Ripstop nylon fabric used.

A very usable and comfortable bag for outdoor activities as well as to take with you to work. Casual and Stylish at the same time.

A right size for versatility. Neither too big nor too small. Just perfect for carrying around with you.

Our zipper is with a wide opening to make it easier to open so that you can easily reach for your important stuff.

Now we know why our customers keep requesting that we make more of it.

Thank you for loving our bag.

Advantages of Ripstop Nylon:

  • Light weight nylon fabric with interwoven ripstop reinforcement threads in crosshatch pattern.

  • Available in different colours and sizes, including thickness.

  • Woven with coarse, strong warp and filling yarns at intervals so that tears will not spread.

  • Ripstop Nylon are waterproof, water resistant, fire resistant, tear resistant with zero porosity (will not allow water or air through).

  • Textures range from a soft and silk-like material to a crisp or stiff fabric.

  • Favourable strength-to-weight ratio.

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