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Best selling Set of Bags with Multiple Pockets

They are made to bring comfort to the owner that's why more pockets are attached.

More pockets make them more interesting to be used.

Selected materials made from ripstop nylon which is popular for being water repellent and light in weight.

The tote bag is made a bit larger than ordinary tote bags and is enough to carry and for all stuff needed in office-work, or for travel bag purposes. Could even use for a stylish laptop bag laptop. There are additional zippered pockets found inside.

All stuff inside are protected from wet and rains because the lining used is from fabric with waterproof properties.

The matching sling bag is similar and with more pockets attached.

Pockets are found from outside part until inner part in both bags.

The folding umbrella is the size of pattern inspiration because umbrella in the Philippines is common thing that could be found inside each bag come rain or shine.

All accessories and strap used is the same in both sling and tote bag.

Made to be more useful, even only single bag only or as a set.

And now more prints are available and coming up soon.

God Bless!


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