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Three Unique Bags Of Own Designs

Three pieces of bags made from different unique materials.

Most specially the black pack one.. This back pack made from good quality fabric but sad to say it’s already finished, but we will make way to find it again so that we can make it and to be available in DonnaCerila soon. Hopefully we can find that fabric. The pattern and the design are already finalised and we hope to find the fabric soon.

We will assure that our bags are kept updated to ensure their good quality.

All our customers are the inspiration of DonnaCerila while making our designs.

The lightweight properties, how to make them waterproof, how the owner be comfortable while using them. It all depends on the design of DonnaCerila.

To bring the happiness for each of their owners. We are thankful that we also give inspiration to the life of each of our customers.

Ours may not all be big bags, but for some of our ofw customers, it’s their happiness and inspiration while they are working abroad away from their family.

Maybe it’s one of the reasons why DonnaCerila bags are born in these new days.

Everything happens for a reason. God bless us all.


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