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L34cm H24cm W9cm (13.3"x9.4"x3.5')



0.28 KG



Good quality canvas



Navy Blue Print


Body Sling Bag with two-way handle plus another removable secondary handle for optional use. Its special handle strap comes with a belt buckle adjuster. Special zigzag zipper used. Full pockets attached from outside up to the inside. Made with waterproof lining and washable printed fabric; carefully selected to withstand dirt.


A special feature is different colors in the front (pattern print) and the back (plain navy-blue) allowing you to wear this bag in two ways, for day and night. The plain back color for a formal look, and the front print for those casual and light hearted lovable occasions. A bag easy to use anywhere or everywhere. Suitable for all ages, both as a formal bag, every-day bag or a work-bag too.

Aila Collecton

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