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L21cm H26cm W5cm



0.30 KG



Imported waterproof canvas



Khaki Gold and Black



Man's Crossbody/Sling Travel Waist Bag. Sling can be adjusted in right, center or left directions of the hook strap, which comfortably fits to ther chest


Adequate size to fit a 10 inch surface tab with foam protection in lining. Comes wih a total of 5 pockets for essential stuff of a traveller and executive. There is ample space to keep secure your tab/ surface device, important documents especially travel documents; and the personal essential accessories and possessions of someone on the go.


Made with waterproof fabrics and waterproof lining, and washable. Cotton strap so you can keep it on you comfortably at all times and slim enough to carry under your jacket while travelling and moving about your work. An anywhere bag for rain or shine.

Color matches any occasion and outfit. Practical and convenient for all ages and professions, and for the active professional lady too.


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