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How come we cannot put out a good brand for ourselves.. foreign companies.. taking credit and profit

Exactly what we have set out to do. We do not make imitation products, and we do not need to put logos of other brands on our creations. We study trends and source all our materials and accessories in the Philippines, thereby providing jobs and incomes for locals. Our designers, inspired by Cerila study the nature of available fabrics and inspirations, to put together bags that are affordable yet elegantly simple.

Some of our customers have asked, "why so cheap?" It is just a fair price for the work put in so that more people can experience good affordable bags. So that more people can provide hope to their children that a better and brighter future is possible through hard work, believing in ourselves and never giving up.

We hope that with this good start, we can look forward to seasonal collections inspired by the thousands of Philippine islands.

More good things lie just ahead. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, do browse our products and do let us know of your appreciation by purchasing something for that someone special, or share our values with your friends and family.

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