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Amazing Kinds of Bag Materials.

There are many kinds of materials for bags. Leather was popular until synthetic leather came out.. Also Rubberised  materials, also called leatherette.. These are some much used materials for bag.  It is really amazing the many kind of materials  which can be made into a bag. I recall when I was a child ...and bag is not yet so popular.. I observed then that more of people were using 'bayong" instead of bag.. Mostly of those came from some provinces going to the city!... Bayong is made from dried leaves of palm coconut tree..It's like a traveling bag for now but way back in my childhood times it's very useful ... . And then, plastic bags got popolar and also fabric materials.. 

Recently, natural resources like sea shells are also in Fashion bags.. Beed decorations can be made into bags too. Woods and papers... And many other kinds of bag materials. But as a bag lover and bag maker, I could say..No matter what what kind of bag materials.. we all needs bags, in every moment of our lives it's already part of our moving about comfortably with all our stuff.. From all ages and gender... simple bag or classy style but we need bags!..

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