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Our Beliefs from Good Friday!

As today is Good Friday.. Another holy day for this round of Holy week for all Catholic Christians...I recall my childhood experience from my devoted late grandmother's beliefs..She was very strict with each of us on this day of Good Friday!. We were not allowed to play.. No taking a bath after 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon until Sunday of Risen. Never go out unless go to church instead keep on praying inside the house. Meals are also controlled as much as possible no heavy meals or meat for food; only fish and vegetables..No fighting or making noises as possible.that is why no music at all.. Was looking at the windows outside, very quiet too! I could feel all neighborhood was also the same way... It was really such a boring day.. But my Lola explained, we must to do it as we respect and unite ourselves with the time Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins... I'll never forget that!.. This day is not seen in our new generation.. Very different today!.

Holy Friday for now, almost everyone is on a family outing and friends take time for a vacation.

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