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Differing from a Traditional Wedding

I love seeing couples having their vows of love in church.. Yesterday it was an event I attended from a friend's invitation..Then here they are, everyone is excited, from the pretty bride and gorgeous groom..With all participants from sponsors and guests. Of course with the priest teaching for the couples - the rules according to the bible.. This is the traditional wedding. But yesterday was different, because of the priest attending.. Very patient in teaching the bible to couples.. It was a long ceremony for me. Almost two hours but every body didn't find it boring!. Because of the singing priest!..He is not just reading the bible but also a singer with his very lovely voice like a wedding soloist...I will never forget that wedding, only here in Cavite Philippines! For the newly weds.. Best wishes to you both..Marriage is not just for papers but it is the love to bring us happiness in the end.. But sometimes there is a second love after first which maybe is our real happiness, but that is according to God's Will.

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