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We Are All Pack Bag Likers.

I observed it to be true!.. For all ages from toddlers, pack back is very popular..Of any kind of design or color it's loved!...That is why it's another challenge for me to create pack bags..And I guess they are successfully made when all like them. Sometimes it's also funny when my creation for men is wanted by ladies or the reverse, when it is girl inspired but man desired..or I made it for school but my customer wants it for work..  some  incidents also when an elementary bag is wanted by teenage customers..Very inspiring!.. It just shows  how everyone has different ideas and wants in bags...which is to be respected..

Later on we will have more unique designs, which are inspired by customers' requests for their customized bags.

But for now it's another pack bag with gray pack bag and white printed one for girls,  part of their every day hangouts

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