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More Versatile Multi-Use Tote Bag

It might look at first glance like your usual tote design, but this time it is something more usable.

It is inspired by a friend who works in an office and she is also required to do some field work with her laptop which she must always bring with her.

That is why we added a special soft part inside to protect the laptop, but keep it separated from other contents. With a total of seven pockets for more contents, and fabric from Kipling material, known for its water resistant properties.

The color allows flexible use. On one side the color is plain black for formal use. Flip it around and the silvery gray print transforms it into a bag suitable for outdoor and casual after-work activities.

When my friend set eyes on it, she was so happy, that we had to let it go. She was delighted to use it the next day for work.

The bag is speckled on one side to lend a relaxed look for an elegant evening get-together after work.

The bag conveniently fits a 14 inch laptop, tab, notebook, a good sized lunch box, with more space available for many other contents.

Oh yes, and your umbrella and bottle of drinking water too.

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