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Dianne Cabebe - Graduate Model

Hi, This is Dianne's story and how she responds to our bags.

Dianne is a finalist, and if she wins DonnaCerila will bear the full cost of any Licensure or Civil Service Exams she would be undertaking.

We wish her all the best.

Now we will let Dianne tell us a little about herself and her bags.

Dianne Christine Cabebe

1. Tell us about yourself and what you hope and plan for the future. - My name is Dianne Christine Tabon Cabebe, 21 years old, from city of San Fernando Pampanga, graduated from Holy Angel University, My course that I take is Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

My plans for the near future is to work to gain experience after 3 years I wanted to have my own busniess. 2nd is to travel, and third I want to join any kind of actives or seminars that will help me to build my confidence and mold me as better individual, my hopes for the near future is to help a small community here in pampanga, it is called sitio hadua, a community of our Katutubong aetas. 2. Tell us what you think can help young people especially Filipinos have a better and more hopeful future, tell us what you think you could do to help make this happen, and how young people could take charge of their futures.

-The first thing that come to my mind is to be the bridge of the youth, specially those out of school youths, I wanted to gather them and teach them how to dream again, how to connect with God again, how to reach their goals and believe again to their self.

3. Choose up to two bags from our collection, and tell us why you like them.

-1st is the ALLAN pack bag, I like it because of having its pockets, i can organize my things well, the size is perfect, and i love the color, Also i love this bag because of it is the bag that i wanted to buy if i need to carry a lot of things this bag is so perfect.

2nd is the AMIE Bag the red one, It took out my feminine side, the flowers and the color blend to well. also the size is perfect for me.

4.Describe your ideal bag. How you use it. If you are a finalist, we will make this bag for you (if possible)

-My ideal bag is huge one. A back pack type. So that I can use when I want to travel, the features of my ideal bag are, 1st, the pocket or the zippers, 4 types of pockets 2 in front, 1 secret pocket inside, and 1 water bottle pocket. also I wanted the straps will be comfortable to wear even if the bag is heavy.

Those are Dianne's favorite bags from our shop, and we made her ideal bag for her, and here it is.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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