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All Cute Things are Lovable

Yes it's true!

Anyone will agree...smalls things are really cute all the time.....there are cute babies ..cute puppies.

At kahit hindi man kagandahan bagay..subalit pg maliit..tawag pansin tlga at nakakgiliw pgmasdan at hawakan... smallest things are very captivating to our hearts and get our attention..and now DonnaCerila makes a cute sling bag for every girl.. The size and materials used complement to make a cute body sling bag. Made from fabric but textured rubber for its back surface...Lightweight and comfortable for all our small important stuff..

Comfortable to use anywhere we go... first customer who bought it is using it as her personal bag on her trip to explore Singapore.. she loves it for her personal belongings...simply stylish yet simple classy looks for formal use to to carry important contents safely most of the time.

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