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Limited Editions Only

As the end of 2018 approaches, we thank all our customers and resellers. In the past year our brand DonnaCerila was registered.

As our bags are branded originals, you our customers till now are special and your bags could one day become Collectors’ Items as we continue to grow.

We shared in an earlier blog post that our goal is to give our regular Juana a chance to proudly enjoy an affordable Filipino branded original, without needing to buy fakes.

We have turned down large orders because our regular and individual customers are why we are here.

Each owner of an original DonnaCerila or HINCEL can be proud of using originals designed and made in the Philippines. Many of us work for overseas subcontractors of International brands and earn hardly enough to make ends meet, and part of our story is providing opportunities for better lives. All our bags are limited edition as we make only a few of each design, and we do not hold stock.

Do also feel free to contact us if you’d like a customised bag. It may cost a bit more but you’ll have a one-and-only.

We need to put our talents to use to build our own brands. Step by step we will succeed.

Our original bags are available via our website and facebook pages.

Contact us to chat here or via

Reseller enquiries also welcome. 

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