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Fantastic Shape of Sling Bag

Everyone uses the sling bag because of its convenience and comfort to the user.

In different sizes and shapes, we like them all. Big sizes or petite cute one, and now circular shaped sling bags are also popular around town!

Every bag design has its own time to shine.

Nakakatuwang isipin na laging my bagong ideal bag taung gustong gamitin, kahit paikot ikot lng at pabalik balik na design pero tinatangkilik natin to. Oh yes that is fashion! And it’s our happiness because we are happy sa ating gngwa at gingamit. Ito ang nagpapasaya sa atin.

And most requested to DonnaCerila to make round sling bag. At dahil it’s the reason while DonnaCerila borned to make bags.

As you wish! Round sling bag is going to be for this season until Christmas Season. So expect more upcoming different materials in this design.

Thank you all for continuing to trust us.

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