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Upgraded Backpack Design

It’s another compliment to us through our backpacks being continually ordered by local and international customers.

Such an honored because we all know that it’s not backpack season, most especially here in the Philippines with school classes already started and just about to close in a few months.

But until now our backpacks still keep getting orders that we could say that backpacks have no season and is an all time favorite in all seasons for everyone.

However we keep making and upgrading our backpacks at the same time. From regular sizes to bigger ones and of many different sizes. We keep improving them with pockets made more stylish as well as good materials and accessories, comfort in using them is most important!

We made one backpack so special and it has become more usable and popular; because it may could be a school bag or a travel bag, with prints that complement our other unisex bags, like its matching sling bag na pwedeng pwedeng ipartner but depends upon the customer.. If they want get buy separately.

Thank you for keeping us as your choice preferred bags.

From local and international customers, muli na kinatuwaan at nagustuhan ang design na ito.

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