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International Bag Trip - From Philippines to Malaysia

It’s another compliment to our bag to see the smiles in our International customer...,our bag travels again! As a Pilipino creation we are glad that every one loved our bag...yet we could say that these are your chosen gitna ng karamihang bag mas pinipili nyo ring tangkilin ang mga creation namin..Kaya naman lalo pa naming pinagbubuti ang aming produkto..mula sa bawat tahi..ang lahat ay pinagiisapan at dumaan masusing pagsasanay...isang paglalakbay muli ng aming maraming salamat sa ngiting ngppakita ng kasiyahan sa paggamit nito.

It’s our one type of sling bag, with more pockets attatched, waterproof properties, light in weight and very comportable to use. This is why we continue to improve this design because we observe how usable this bag is and it one of our best seller. Good for working too or could be multipurpose bag as well.

Our customer says “This bag is the perfect choice for daily usage and very versatile. I can put books, stationery, cosmetic products, small umbrella, phone & wallet and use it to work. I'm also using it as a travel bag which I'll put skincare products and cosmetics products whenever I'm on the road. It also doubles as my gym bag since I'm able to fit a small bottle, slippers and towel. This bag is sturdy and water proof with beautiful floral design. The strap is adjustable so I can make it short or long however I want it to be. It comes with lots of compartments and hidden pockets which definitely is the win factor and works best for me as I love to compartmentalize instead of putting all my stuff in one place. Not to mention, my mum loves it too and she'll probably take it away from me.”

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