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A Meaningful Christmas Gift

Christmas Time again. Everyone is excited and busy again. Here in The Philippines, Simbang Gabi again! It’s a traditional Church Mass for ten consecutive nights before Christmas. Usually very early in the mornings or in the evenings.

One of the preparations for Filipino Christmas is Carolling or singing of Christmas songs in every house or in any place. When I was young it was so popular most specially to young kids who were singing ever so innocently and sincerely, like angels.

Nowadays most carollers are older. For me, I still prefer the cutest angelic kids to adults. Anyway it is still part of the Holiday Season. Giving gifts or exchanging each others’ gifts, and reunion of whole families. That is the reason everyone is excited this season. It is the season of love and giving, and DonnaCerila is here to be part of this holiday

Such a great feeling from the good feedback and support for our bags. We expected only sling bags to be most saleable, but are surprised that even our designer backpacks were ordered.

Yes! Thank you so much because all our bags are made specially unique and branded, which our customers have noticed! They tell us that it is a kind of that gift that their receivers will enjoy and appreciate more, and be meaningful where they will surely use and love it.

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this holiday season as you are enjoying our bags.

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