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Your Mini Netbook Travels Securely

Nowadays a netbook or surface device is among the important requirements that always accompany a busy professional on his travels.

Which is why sizes of laptops and accessories keep being upgraded to be more comfortably carried during work trips and assignments.

For the frequent travelling professional, our new crossbody travel sling bag is surely a good fit. A popular design is the crossbody sling that fits around the chest, and we made it just right to fit your mini netbook and surface as well as other devices and accessories. It easily holds any 10 inch device, and is slim enough to fit inside your jacket or coat. We made it with a special foam for protection and with waterproof fabrics and lining.

For every man travelling and in outdoor activities, this bag is comfortable for the work that follows. We added more pockets to securely hold other travel essentials like passport, cash, chargers, other devices and accessories.

And all for a size of only L21cm H26cm W5cm

The handle is made of comfortable cotton fabric and the hooks are adjustable to the style and comfort of user. It can be hooked left or right or center.

Men should try it as we made it just for them under our very own HINCEL Brand.

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