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Suddenly Everything Changed

Walang nakakaalam Kung anong mangyayari sa ating future o haharapin kalagayan sa bawat araw NG ating buhay. May mga plano tayong matutupad o biglaang pangyayari with in any particular time na Indi natin inaashan na darating. Yan Ang tunay na buhay! Puno NG sorpresa araw araw. Subalit Ang tanging pangarap naman natin ay maging masya at maligaya Sa piling NG ating mga mahal sa buhay o material na bagay na dahilan NG ating pghahanapbuhay.

it's everyone’s biggest dream, happiness! However some situation suddenly came in na pwedeng magpabago ng lahat Mula sa ating everyday way of living...or dreams and ideas which lead us to become better person or bad one but it depends upon of what we choose to be.. but of course we choose the good one.

Now that the whole world is facing that kind of illness from the virus called Covid 19, but in just a short time our lives during this virus appears to bring so many changes in everyone’s or families - suddenly...not just for our country rather each country around the globe as well.

Scientists say it is not a normal virus that causes this illness and worst is leading to many deaths. All are feeling scared!

Some people panic but if we have faith in our hearts there is no way to be scared because perhaps surely God let it happen for a good reason, or He has sent a message for all of us that we need to understand by using our heart.

For now everyone wants to survive and is praying to overcome this crisis. Not many materials things are needed for now but food and shelter or medicine are primary needs, and specially permanent cures for these kind of viruses. However prayer is the most important key for all of our fears. Let's have Faith until God answers our prayers. Let us pray and pray until the normal situation comes back again.

At DonnaCerila we pray that in God’s grace the whole world will heal and we are all together wholeheartedly praying to overcome this crisis we are now in.

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