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Covid-19, Go Away Now! We Have Learnt

Yet The Lord is the owner of this world and our life... but why do we think He let this pandemic appear? Do we think He is happy that we are all suffering now? I guess No!

Even as a father of our own children, we are not happy as their parents when our own child is hurt and cry because of our punishment to them. What Our Lord. He is our Father of Heaven. He is full of love and full of understanding for every one He created.

Perhaps he is just reminding us because nowadays we all busy with our lives seeking our own selfish happiness. But of course He always waits for us. Magbalik loob lang tayos KANYA with heartfelt begging for our sins. The pandemic is not yet over, and we are all still in the battle as said by Presidents and leaders of each country around the globe.

Most especially our own Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. He is crying and begging us to follow the guidelines of our Government for our own safety. Any battle will be lost if there's no unity, as say all countries’ leaders now...this war is not for the enemy but the enemy now is too unfair because we cannot see it, but it is too scary and dangerous for our lives. For now only Prayer is our one can tell when this pandemic ends.

Holy Week is the right time for each us to search our soul .. to pray harder .. until He hears our prayers and we learn our lesson from this covid-19 pandemic.. we must see the good side of this pandemic’s effects.. we must always give thanks for what comes because both good or bad happen for a reason... and now covid-19 please go away because we already learned the lesson. As we see in the media and television, more Good Samaritans with hearts touched are helping the poorest. Despite that there is more criticism and more stubborn people, and more Good Samaritans rise up to help. We hope and pray that this battle is over now, we pray that new medicine to cure this illness will be discovered soon. We pray for the safety of everyone most specially all frontliners.

Hopefully we have already learned.

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