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Face Mask Used Before and Again in Today’s New Normal

Our lives now are not the same as recently. The turns of living is really unpredictable. It goes on then goes back like the old times.

There’s a saying..... Ang kahapon at bukas ay mgkarugtong.. or let’s say everything is connected.. whatever comes now has already existed before... Ngaung humahanap tayo sa marinig pagsubok all around the globe, but according to history, a pandemic like this has been experienced a long time ago, called Spanish flu.. And during that time face mask were used for health protection.

However thanks for that history, it gives us hope too and positive thoughts na ang lahat NG ating nararanasan ngaung covid 19 ay matatapos at lilipas din.. As ating kasalukuyang panahon.... locked down is implemented. Washing hands regularly is advised. Wearing face mask is very important every time we are going out. Social distancing kapag lalabas NG ating tahanan.

These are all health guidelines for our self protection against viruses while a vaccine is not yet upon discovered. Thanks to our government for taking care of us. Every one felt uncomfortable, but it’s the reality of life. Mahirap man Ang ating pinagdaraanan ngayon pero Ito na daw Ang ating new normal life na kakaharapin natin from now on... today is a very important day because our lockdown has ended in Manila but not all over in our country.. just selective provinces and towns depending upon the covid infected cases.

Subalit..indi pa Rin natatapos ang banta NG corona virus na to. We must stay at home, let's have all decipline.. tayo na Ang mgiingat para sa ting mga sarili.... higit sa lahat, patuloy tayong mgdasal at manalagin sa ating Panginoong Dios. Let's keep on praying. We don't know what the future will be after this... Mula sa ating nakagawian na..Isa dun ang pagamit ng face mask most specially during we are going out from homes, but we could also make our own face mask from our own old clothes, or bought one as long we are protected... let's all stay safe everyone!

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