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Living In The New Normal

Sad to say our everyday lives now are so different and scary compared to just six months ago. Most specially here in the Philippines because of the global pandemic.

But somehow if we can read the situation, there is still hope that this pandemic has a real possibility of finishing if we just cooperate and follow government restrictions in order to to fight this global crisis.

Somehow I wish that the government has really good enough plans to fight this covid19. And we can also see that many countries have still not flattened their curves and the number of infections is still climbing worldwide.

I believe that if we seriously will it - magiging maayos din Ang lahat. More people now are experiencing anxiety! It’s a serious matter as it can be lead to deaths by suicide.

Kaya mas Lalo pa dapat nating palakasin ang ating panananvpalataya. Only a miracle can make this vanish, and we need our God most in this moment. They say that our prayers are powerful against all odds. We must choose to continue moving to keep alive to win this battle, and do what is necessary to survive.

Follow protocols from the government and have the self-discipline to take care of ourselves and make our immune systems strong.

If we are going out make sure to have an alcohol in our pocket or a smaller bag just for these special essentials. A cute size bag is more important now because it makes it easier to carry small stuff like wallet and other important must-haves like sanitising alcohol disinfectant. Small sling bags are more usable in these times while we are going through our hardest battle of our lives!

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