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Customer's Feedback of Backpack Set

When the customer requested to make her bag it was an honor for me to make her bags because she's an important officer.


Overwhelmed feelings because she in the office field who assists and promotes all products here in our place... when she sent the picture of her ideal design,  there was some conflict in sizes she given because it was too large and rather longer.

Although she was wishing for a backpack that suited her and would satisfy as her ideal bag.


She wished for a backpack design of a bit larger size, more pockets and two divisions to separate her laptop.

With combination of plain color but with printed pocket. Instead I made it with quilting design mixed. I decided to make into plain black mixing with fuchsia pink prints but in quilting design.

As she also request a set color with pouch and wallet, and I tried it in quilting mix again.


When she saw it I was glad that she was amazed and surprised by her bag.


She ordered again but in different color mix in the same pattern and design.

Will definitely will do another color combination in a pastel color.


Thank so much again dearest customer.


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