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Customized Peach Quilted Bags

DonnaCerila created a set of customized bags, including a peach-colored sling bag and a larger tote bag, for a customer who needed them for out-of-town travel and seminars. The customer specifically requested lightweight bags in her favorite light pink color, designed as both a sling bag and a tote bag.

To fulfill this request, DonnaCerila used Taffeta, a special fabric with nylon silk properties. Taffeta is thin yet rubberized, making it perfect for quilting, which involves stitching foam between layers of fabric. This technique results in a lightweight yet sturdy bag.

The peach-colored sling and tote bags not only have a classy appearance but also offer practical features. The tote bag handles are padded with foam for shoulder comfort, and both bags are lightweight, have multiple pockets, and are water-repellent.

DonnaCerila appreciates another satisfied customer who values the special design and is willing to invest in a customized bag that brings her happiness.


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