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More Excitement sa Balik Eskwela 2023

As the time goes's another year for our children into new journey from their schooling. Kakaibang experience ito para sa ating youthful students. Where it looks like a grand opening of back to school after pandemic time. Everyone is excited from school as they held brigada "Balik eskwela of which the teacher and parents are very cooperative to clean the schools as part of the preparations, from parents, na Kahit pa sobrang expenses and more additional budget talaga..

How ever they did all their best to provide all school needs and materials of their children. School materials, uniform, shoes and bags which are very important in their list..its so admirable and must salute all the parents who are truly hardworking and supportive to give the best for the studies of their children.

At bilang paghahanda Ng knilang pgaaral..

DonnaCerila bags are truly grateful to them for choosing DonnaCerila bag as part of their school journey. And that is the continuing inspiration of DonnaCerila bag to create more comfortable back pack for all school stuffs.

The way of being light in weight, more pockets, water resistant fabric and durable as well which is the most important quality to make it more comfortable back pack.

Thank you so much from nationwide orders even the manufacturing is changed to new address but the customers are become more interested. Some customers sent their own feedback. There are new customers who sent their satisfaction with their bag.

Some customers are loyal reapeat orders since their children started school.

DonnaCerila brand will keep making bags as own Pilipino brand bag.


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