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Our Girls’ Kid Back Pack

Mula noon hanggang Ngayon.

We keep upgrading our designs, including back packs for our little girls because their schooling is very memorable as they start in studying at sa buong panahon nila sa elementary days. Pink color is usually their favorite, kaya pink din ang karamihan namin napiling kulay na gawin. The quality of our bags are simple made and inspired on comfortability while they were using it. The light-in-weight is always assured na magagamit din nila at maeenjoy nilang gamitin ng mahabang panahon.

The changing and upgrading of our bags is noticeable since the first time we made and launched them. Some of them are still in good condition and still using even over years ago already.

As the owners are saying when they give feedback, and now we are more inspired to make and design for our little girls.

The side pockets are now larger now than before para mga bottled water and umbrella nila.

The handle is more stylish now. Pockets are more improved also. The size fit well for their ages too.

More alive and charming bags than before.

We are very grateful to everyone for continuing trust in our bags.


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