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Perfect Belt Bags For A Fashionable Life

The battle with covid-19 is not yet over. We must stay alert of its threat to our health.

Observe cleanliness and follow protocols while we need to continue with life while adjusting to what we call a new normal life.

Here in The Philippines we observe that more Pilipinos have already accepted the fact of the danger outside, but many of us are taking the risk to feed our family. We need to find food to fight hunger too.

This is now the reality of new life. Scary but we need to fight our fears.

There's a recent post shared in Facebook that says "You are just covid but there is God who is greater than everything!” Meaningful and so true. Let us keep our faith strong in Him.

Life is really different now that we cannot go out without face mask and face shield, which is mandatory to wear everywhere.

For the girls make up is very important but now it’s useless because it’s just covered. which is why small bags are already enough to carry with us when going out.

The most important to carry inside are alcohol, wallet and cellphone. This year Belt bags are found to have become more fashionable, when it used to be popular mainly with vendors.

Now it is trending as a more useable option everywhere and anywhere because it's really easy to carry. I guess we should all give it a try!

Our belt bags /chest bags are all made from good quality and waterproof fabrics. Comportable to bring every day with three ways to carry them.


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