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Pink Backpack

It's been 5 years ago since I made this backpack.


Now it's new year 2024 and I was on the beach then noticed this backpack, still very nice and completely usable and not yet deformed.


For sure it's always being used by the owner cos backpack is always on the go to be used. I've realized that this is one of first patterns of my backpack that I doubt before how this was going to look and if it would be really good. Glad to see it again which looks so really usable and still charming backpack.... it's the materials used with water resistant properties and lightweight properties which is always my concern while making bags.... and for coming design.


I'm looking forward to quilting design mix. I am very passionate in quilting designs even from wallets, but this year I will try it on backpacks.


I am always and thankful for all the trust in DonnaCerila bags.


Happy New Year Everyone.


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