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Red Mini Sling Bag for All Seasons and Christmas

We are already in Christmas countdown

For the last two years, this season was very hard for all of us because of the highest alert of pandemic.

Even though we are still in pandemic times, we observe that we almost reached the normal situation; unlike the last two years.

Hopefully that nightmare of our lives will finally be over.

DonnaCerila is inspired to make this red mini bag for this coming season of Christmas. We all know that red bag symbolizes Christmas. We also are rejoicing for slowly getting back to normal life.

This red sling bag is made as mini sling bag because surely the people are excited to go out while bringing only the most important things like cellphone, mobile and some small personal stuff... alcohol and face mask must still needed to bring along of course.

One of these red bags is made so lightweight and the other one with dual opening zipper and with more pockets found inside and outside.

More girls are attracted to the color red because it's suitable for any time and any clothes.

Thank you. Keep enjoying our bags. Stay safe all the time.


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