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Six years ago during the Lenten season.

I had an unforgettable experience. Fast forward to the recent Holy Week of 2024—a highly anticipated time for Catholics and a gateway to a long summer vacation. Everyone has their own unique way of observing the Lenten season. Some families enjoy resorts, others seize the chance for family or school reunions. Here in Marinduque, there's a renowned festival called the Moriones Festival, a mask festival rooted in Roman Catholic beliefs surrounding Jesus Christ's crucifixion and salvation. The main attraction? The striking Morion masks and colorful attire that bring the stories to life.

Amidst this wonderful and meaningful festival, my attention was unexpectedly drawn to a backpack used by a visitor from Manila. To my surprise, it was a DonnaCerila backpack—the same style crafted six years earlier. Despite some fading, the backpack was still in good condition and fully functional. When I inquired about it, the owner explained how it remained a reliable companion over the years.

After their return to Manila, the owner reached out to me, curious about new designs and more bag options. Their enthusiasm had spread, with neighbors also interested in DonnaCerila's creations. It was heartwarming to see the enduring impact of a bag made six years ago sparking renewed interest and connections.

Dahil ang bawat DonnaCerila bag ay laging espesyal at may kuwento sa likod ng bawat disenyo, ito rin ay nagbibigay-inspirasyon sa may-ari nito.

Anim na taon na ang nakalipas mula nang ibahagi ang iba't ibang mga bag, isang tunay na pagpapala mula sa itaas upang patuloy na magbigay-inspirasyon sa lahat ng may-ari nito.


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