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Usable Pouch and Safe to Carry

In these days of pandemic, bags and pouches are still needed among our personal belongings. We cannot go without them.

Most specially with the situation right now where we have more small things we need to put inside in our bag all the time. These are face mask and spray bottle of alcohol, unlike before this when the mobile cellphone was our only priority to carry all the time.

It is the reason why smallest bags are in demand right now!

Pouches are usable too. It is risky to carry on our wrist only this is why we made a design to make it more comfortable and safety to carry even just in your palm.

Besides that, more pockets are attached inside, and it has fingers strap specially made for our fingers to support while we carry it.

These pouches are made from nylon fabric giving it waterproof properties.

You need to have it and experience that using our pouches are safe to use and attractive too.

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