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Christmas Gifts

It's Christmas time again. Everyone is all excited to celebrate this special holiday..

Preparations here and there, all stores are alive again because of the crowds of customers coming.. 

As I personally observed when I went to Divisoria market, the biggest market here in the Philippines. Crowded and heavy traffic because of every one passing by and excited to purchase Christmas items, especially for gifts. Gifts for family, for friends and for the long lists of godsons and god daughters...

Here in The Philippines it's very important preparations.. 

Either gifts or cash gifts, seems like an obligation to do it. 

But I guess it's already a culture for each Pinoy..

giving gifts at Christmas!.. 

This is one more reason why Christmas is different in The Philippines.


and here are Donnacerila creations suitable for our gifts, a mini mobile bag/ pouch, with free wallet. It's a very usable gift for cute girls of all ages.

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