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Simplicity is Really Charming

From the quilting style...another unexpectedly popular bag design came along.. quilting is also popular in the making of imported jackets but now is really attractive in bag designs..

Maybe this is why after we made this one design of our bag...we could say that no girl who has seen one could resist the charms of these bags... we decided not to add any accessories more to keep the simple charm carried by the quilting city charming by its bag but the quilting keep carry the charm.. and the three compartments makes complete the bag details to bring comfort to its owner...

and now we have a collection of 4 colors.. from different varieties of canvas bag fabrics and each color with iits own character defining its own charm and quality while being waterproof ...

We are so glad that we have these bags that became unexpectedly popular and loved by girls.

From the different colors requested and more customized wishes granted for size adjustment.. we made it for you.

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