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Our New Normal Life and Living

Because of covid-19 the whole world suddenly changed.

Maraming ngbago. We all believed that it’s all God’s will. Walang nkapigil sa mga pngyayaring Yun. Everyone feels scared and gets confused. The whole globe stopped for a while. People everywhere could not move.

In the meantime lahat tayoy nging pantay pantay walang mayaman walang mahirap. Here in the Philippines, every one qualified to ask help from government. But we are still lucky with fewer deaths compare to other countries.

Praise God for all of this. However the covid is still around. Experts are still studying it and no vaccine has been found yet. We must be vigilant and responsible for our safety now. Let’s keep on praying and be thankful that we are still alive until now.

The old way and normal life then could be never be back. We are all facing the new normal life according to experts. We must follow it accordingly to protect our life through this virus. Social distancing outside our homes. Wearing face masks wherever we go. Washing and cleaning our hands all the time. Making our immune systems stronger. These are safe guidelines given us by experts and governments. Let’s continue to fight this covid pandemic. But most specially from all of these … mas palalalimin pa natin faith natin sa ating poong Maykapal. Only God knows and our prayers are our major shield at all times.

And now we are inspired to make fashionable face mask with headband because we wanted all girls to be happy and fashionable despite this pandemic. These sets are made from special fabric from Vietnam which we sourced personally. Its breathable properties with charming print. Face mask and headband are made reversible so that users have two choices of colors Either plain pink or with printed pink/black. Partnered with reversible black and printed pink/black headband.

Girls should enjoy them.

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